Semi-Private Training


I have created a way to offer you personal training for a fraction of what a trainer at one of those intimidating big-box gyms would charge (and I will even guarantee the results!). It's not a boot camp, or one of those packed classes with 20+ people in them. it is something better. It is a specialised training system designed to strip body fat and get you lean and tight in record time. 

How is it better than boot camp or large group classes?
As a personal trainer, I used to monitor my client's progress. You see, the human body is designed to adapt to any challenge you confront it with. If you keep doing the same thing without creating new challenges, your body adapts and 'plateaus'. This means that you stop getting results and your training becomes stagnant.

Fortunately for you, we make sure that your training sessions are always progressive and challenging. A great way of progressing is by increasing the intensity of your training.
So, the same system I used to provide to my private clients, has now been applied to my semi-private sessions - your training sessions are monitored and we are always ensuring that you are progressing, and the results have been astonishing.