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More success stories from clients who have achieved awesome results with us!


6 Week Challenge - Team Blue

ERIN- “I lost 11cms off my waist”

KYLIE - “I lost 8cms off my waist, which I was very surprised”

DENISE- “My pants fit better”

MERRAN - “I’m more confident, it’s easier for me to get up in the morning”


ADRIAN - “Every session I feel healthier and fitter”

CHRIS - “It’s one big family here”


ANGELA - “I couldn’t picture not coming here every week”
CANDY - “The trainers are fun, the people are fun, I love group training”


CLAIRE - “MC Fitness is one of the best Training ideas I’ve come across”


RHONDA - “I lost 18cms off my waist and 2 dress sizes!”


6 Week Challenge - Team Red

PIA - I lost 11cms off my waist and 6kg, I’m completely blown away!

Jo - I lost 5kg and 10cm off my waist and I feel the best now that I’ve felt in years!

Monika - I lost 10cms off my waist and I feel static!

Jana - I lost 10cm off my waist and I have so much energy!

Mel - I feel GREAT!! I feel really good, I feel motivated!”

Mid-Morning Group

Ekaterina - “I did a 6 week challenge and I lost 5kg”

Sophie - “I’ve been here for almost a year and lost 25kg”

Joanne - “I love it, I love it… Awesome!”

Caz - “Everyone here is friendly”

Keith - “I can now fit into my old clothes”

CaroIine: “I can push myself harder than I think I can”

Claire - “Heaps better, I lost two dress sizes!”

Denny - I’ve gotten slimmer, toned and i’ve got a lot more strength!

Jessii - I’ve almost reached my second goal (weight) and i’m really happy with it, I wouldn’t be able to

thank anyone enough for all the help i’ve received!”

Justine - “I feel my muscles getting stronger and stronger, through the classes I get to do

different exercises, things that i’ve never done before!”

Kate Marsh - “ I feel fitter, healthier and improved my wellbeing”

Liz - “For the first time EVER, I’ve never EVER had boots i can zip up and have space”

Lady - “I’ve achived imense fitness, i’m able to play with the kids at home now”

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