Video Testimonials

More success stories from clients who have achieved awesome results with us!


6 Week Challenge - Team Blue

ERIN- “I lost 11cms off my waist”

KYLIE - “I lost 8cms off my waist, which I was very surprised”

DENISE- “My pants fit better”

MERRAN - “I’m more confident, it’s easier for me to get up in the morning”


ADRIAN - “Every session I feel healthier and fitter”

CHRIS - “It’s one big family here”


ANGELA - “I couldn’t picture not coming here every week”
CANDY - “The trainers are fun, the people are fun, I love group training”


CLAIRE - “MC Fitness is one of the best Training ideas I’ve come across”


RHONDA - “I lost 18cms off my waist and 2 dress sizes!”


6 Week Challenge - Team Red

PIA - I lost 11cms off my waist and 6kg, I’m completely blown away!

Jo - I lost 5kg and 10cm off my waist and I feel the best now that I’ve felt in years!

Monika - I lost 10cms off my waist and I feel static!

Jana - I lost 10cm off my waist and I have so much energy!

Mel - I feel GREAT!! I feel really good, I feel motivated!”

Mid-Morning Group

Ekaterina - “I did a 6 week challenge and I lost 5kg”

Sophie - “I’ve been here for almost a year and lost 25kg”

Joanne - “I love it, I love it… Awesome!”

Caz - “Everyone here is friendly”

Keith - “I can now fit into my old clothes”

CaroIine: “I can push myself harder than I think I can”

Claire - “Heaps better, I lost two dress sizes!”

Denny - I’ve gotten slimmer, toned and i’ve got a lot more strength!

Jessii - I’ve almost reached my second goal (weight) and i’m really happy with it, I wouldn’t be able to

thank anyone enough for all the help i’ve received!”

Justine - “I feel my muscles getting stronger and stronger, through the classes I get to do

different exercises, things that i’ve never done before!”

Kate Marsh - “ I feel fitter, healthier and improved my wellbeing”

Liz - “For the first time EVER, I’ve never EVER had boots i can zip up and have space”

Lady - “I’ve achived imense fitness, i’m able to play with the kids at home now”

Steve - “It’s completely changed my way of life, better fitness levels, and better motivationto do fitness outside of our sessions”

Sophie & Leisa - “Brain fog has lifted, not as tired in the morning, get up to my alarm, sleeping better, feeling better”

Sally - “I’m absolutely ecstatic that i’ve lost some centimeters!”

Tahnee" - “I’ve gained my fitness back ten fold, first week was hell! my body was like, what are you doing?, but muscle memory quickly came back,now my fitness has come back better than I thought!”

Jo Paplos - “ I’ve lost approximately 11 kilos, it’s been good slow weight loss, more importantly i’ve lost inches rather than weight so my body shape has changed. I feel pretty confident, pretty awesome!”

Melissa - “ My fitness is better, I’ve noticed my waist has slimmed down alot, my arms are stronger and my thighs have shrunk, WINNING!”

Ghani - “I’ve lost heaps of weight, 12 kilos in 10 weeks to be exact, The measurements are good too, I lost 2 sizes! now have to buy new clothes for winter!

Danny & Tracey

Danny: I dropped 5 kilos, it wasn’t excessive weight, but it dropped down to 93 kilos and haven’t been in that weight range for years! I feel really energetic and have loved the challenge.

Tracey: I can fit into clothes, i have not fit into for quite some time! My eating habits have changed!

Nicole - The goals i’ve achieved are getting to a weight, a fitness level and strength that i’m feeling so much more comfortable in my body! In total i’ve lost 15 kilos, 7 in the first month, the rest evenly after.

Lucy - “I’m more conscious now of what I eat, when I eat, and the amount i eat, I feel great! '“

Kerry & Tara

Kerry: “I feel heaps better, more strength,endurance, being able to run, I couldn’t run at all! “

Tara: It’s worth it, it’s hard at first but keep persevering it gets easier”

Kris - “ I’ve dropped 10 kgs, Mentally I feel very good! Physically, I feel fantastic!”

Sara L - “ I was skeptical, I’ve never been on a diet in my life, the meal plan was really well set out the food was tasty and I didnt miss the carbs”

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