Why Choose MC Fitness

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Who we help…

Our clients are mostly mums and dads who want to lose weight and get fitter so they can get their body back into shape and feel like themselves again. Parents who want to be good role models to their children and set a good example on how to live and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

People who want to drop dress/pants sizes so they can wear comfortable clothes, or clothes that flatter them, make them feel confident and attractive again.

We help people who want to drop body fat so they can boost their confidence and self-esteem. To get fitter so they don’t struggle with their every day life and have the energy to do the things they’d love to do such as going shopping and be able to try on any dress and look good in it! And not feel ashamed of looking at themselves in the mirror.

What sets MC Fitness apart form the rest of the crowd and other hyped up gyms or fitness studios?

Sorry, we are not a celebrity studio. We are not like other places that overcharge you because they train celebrities at their facility

I’m not one of the trainer at the Biggest Loser and I definitely have not been to The Bachelor lol.

We get to the point of getting you results… period!

So if you are frustrated with your current weight, sick of feeling lethargic, low in energy and hate the thought of having to go shopping for bigger size clothes each year, because no matter what you do, you just keep piling on the weight?

MC fitness can help you regain your fitness, trim your body and feel better about yourself… more than you have in years...

With these 3 easy steps we can help you achieve the body and healthy lifestyle you’ve been wanting to achieve for years. This formula has helped countless of clients and it can certainly help you!

Check it out…

Step 1 - 30 Minute Semi-Private Workouts

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Our highly effective 30-minute semi-private workouts are perfect for people who need guidance and encouragement without working out in one of those intimidating big box gyms. The sessions are designed to help you burn off the muffin top, tone up your legs, arms, butt and trim down your belly.

Now I know what you might be thinking....

'Am I going to get awesome results in a 30 minute workout??'

Let’s put it this way.... if you could achieve the same (or better) results in a 30 minute workout as you would in a 45 or 60 minute workout, which one would you choose? Another way of looking at it is, if you booked a flight to Rome, would you choose the flight that will get you there the quickest or the longest? You’ll want to get there quicker right?

So in this case, if I can provide you with a highly effective 30 minute workout, why would you want to extend your training any longer? You are a busy person - work, family, life! These sessions were created for people like you, mum, dads, full-time, part-time workers, who value their time. who are not gym junkies, heroes or instagram celebrity wanna bees who live at the gym.

How are our 30 minute sessions super effective??

Check it out...

Our semi-private workouts incorporate weight training and high paced cardio training. 

OMG, did I say the forbidden word ‘cardio’?? 

We all know that weight training is essential for developing muscle tone and to help you lose weight, but you’ve probably heard 20 year old rookie trainers telling you that you don’t need to do cardio. Easy for them to say, sure, they may look great… but they’re 20 years old, have never had kids, have great genetics and may be taking extra-curricular supplements. But, hey, let’s not mention that… 😉

Cardio is good

When cardio is done the way we do it - quick, intense and precise, it will not only sky rocket your fitness, giving you all the energy to do your day-to-day activities with ease and make you feel more alive! But it will also stimulate higher fat burning because you will be combining it with weight training. Not to mention, cardio also boosts your immune system, making it harder for you to get sick.

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Weight training - If you have never done any weight training before, then that's cool, we will teach you how to execute proper technique so you get stronger, toner and leaner - imagine having the strength to picking up the kids and not feeling any pain in your back or knees? You CAN NOT achieve strength unless you do weight training... period.

Another benefit of strength training is that it will stimulate your body to burn fat at a faster rate than if you only did long boring cardio at the gym.

Our workouts are divided into 3 types: Legs, Upper body, and Abs/core. Each day focuses on a specific body part so you can truly shape your body, tone up your arms, firm up your butt and trim down your belly. In the fastest amount of time.

Small means more attention to you!

Our semi-private sessions have a capacity of 12 people per session with 2 trainers assisting you. When you are working with weights, you need to be confident that you are doing things safely and properly so that you don’t hurt yourself, and you get the most benefit from the workout.

Unlike other fitness studios that pack their clients in to big classes like sardines, we keep our groups small so we can focus on EVERY single individual participating in our sessions.

Our clients tell us that they love how we are able to put a lot more attention and focus on them individually whilst they workout.

Step 2 - Meal Plans and Nutrition Coaching

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You can't out-trained a bad diet, that's why we've got you covered with nutrition as well.

To get you the body and healthy lifestyle you desire we need to provide you with high quality workouts, but just as important is how well you eat.

Wouldn’t be great if you could finally get rid of those bad habits that are halting your progress?

We understand that changing your nutrition is about changing your habits, so we have the strategies that will help you overcome bad nutrition and get you in the path of eating healthy and maintaining it for the long term.

We provide you with a meal plan and delicious recipes, support and guidance with ongoing consultations to review and monitor your progress.

Better still, our meal plans are family friendly so your family will LOVE them!

Step 3 - Join Our Community

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What better way to workout than in an atmosphere where everyone, staff and clients alike are supportive and friendly,

I believe that you will achieve success (anywhere) if you actually look forward to going and seeing people you like being around with, that’s why have created a culture, where you will feel welcomed as soon as you step into our facility. Our clients tell us how they believe MC Fitness is THE place that makes them feel like they are part of a community

So aside from great workouts and highly effective delicious meal plans, we also provide you with the RIGHT environment for success, we have a very supportive and friendly community of clients and trainers who help each other out. No attitude, no egos, no heroes, just a community of like minded people who just want to look and feel better about themselves

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