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I get it. Hectic schedules, kids, a stressful job, a house to take care of. You get distracted and then a few years sneak up on you. You don't like what you see in the mirror anymore. You know you should do something, but you just can't find the TIME.

You can try and hide it, but after a while, clothes can only hide so much. Eventually, nothing looks good on you anymore.

The years have caught up to you, work, family, you've done a great job at fending for your family, you should be proud, unfortunately this has taken a toll - something had to give, now your fitness is shot and you don't feel and look as good as you used to.

Even when your friends and family say that 'you look fine!' YOU know it's not true.

Your clothes don't fit as nicely as they used to, you end up buying the bigger sizes because nothing else in the store seems to fit you... specially the nice clothes.

Little things like running to the train station, going upstairs or playing with your kids seem like such a huge effort.

So you wonder and tell yourself...

  • Maybe it's all part of getting older

  • Maybe I should just accept that this is the way is going to be now

So you seek comfort in food... the bad food!

You know it's not good for you but the thought of you ever going back to the 'old you', the 'you' who used to be fitter, stronger, sexier, more confident is NEVER coming back.

Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. 

YOU CAN still get your old body back, you can regain the energy to play with your kids. You don't have to get puffed when going upstairs or running for the train.

You'll be able to go shopping and try out clothes that flatter you once again.

Wouldn't that feel awesome?!

Let me help you get back to feeling healthy and confident again!

Maurice Calderon   MC Fitness founder and fitness coach

Maurice Calderon

MC Fitness founder and fitness coach

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“15kgs down in 3 months. People don’t recognise me. Over the moon!!!”


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“Without being dramatic, MC Fitness has changed my life”


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“I dropped from 98 to 93kg in the 3 week period, this was truly stubborn weight which I had carried for 10+ years”

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““I’m the leanest and lightest I have been in my adult life… and that’s after two kids!!”


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“WOAH, what a result. I lost more than 10cm from my gut”


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“When I play with the kids they are out of breath before me”


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“…The many new GYM buddies I have made make me want to keep coming back every week”


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“It’s not just about fitness is much more than that”


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“Most amazing results we have ever seen!”



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‘It’s changed my way of life, I’m a new person’
— Steve Gosden

Sarah Langham

This is the least I weighed in over 4 years... I'm pretty impressed!